The motto of Pankaj Foundation is to learn to live life and carry on living in spite of the failures, dejections and losses. We believe that life is too precious to be wasted in prematurely ending it simply because of failures and unfulfilled dreams.

For people who find the prospect of failure daunting, we have just this to say: You may be nothing for everybody, but you are everything for somebody

What is Pankaj Foundation

Pankaj Foundation was ideated in 2008 in fond remembrance of a lost son, brother, friend and an exceptional human. A live-wire of a personality who would have made strides in the creative world of comedy and dramatics had he persevered to accept life’s challenges and turn them into success stories. The soaring bubble of his life was prematurely pricked by the need to excel academically and seek acceptance in a society ruled by scholarly pursuits. More than a decade later, in the world of infinite possibilities, Pankaj would have represented a cult figure in the entertainment industry with his artistic abilities.

His loved ones still refer to him as a stand-up comedian par excellence who ruled at a time when stand-up comic acts were yet to find their footing in the entertainment sector.

What we aim to do at Pankaj Foundation

Through this initiative, we wish to bring a ray of hope and rekindle the spark to live in youngsters who face dejection, lack of support system and string of failures in life. Perhaps their aptitude lies elsewhere, perhaps life has a different calling for them or perhaps they are uneducated about alternatives. Irrespective of the excuse that Lady Luck has for them each time, we wish to equip them with the ability to carry on, stay motivated and remain confident that eventually everything will work out.

Most importantly, we wish to remind them that life’s richest lessons are not found in classrooms and books, but in experiences and quite largely, in failures.