Making It Happen

We believe that if you are unafraid to give failure a chance, success will just taste that much sweeter!

Life Beyond Academics @ VIT Engineering College, Mumbai

VIT CollegeIn September 2014, Pankaj Foundation became extensively popular with the engineering students of VIT Engineering College in Mumbai, for its life approach and survival philosophy.

We addressed a group of about 100 students on “Life beyond Academics”. Slightly deviating from our central theme of overcoming failures and developing the “never-give-up” attitude, this session was to give an insight to the students on how to make the most of the corporate calling that lay ahead for them.

Self Impression forms the basis for the impression that the world has about you, and hence creating that indomitable self-image is the key. We dwelled on importance of developing subtle soft skills such as getting one’s facts right about events and people, the practice of doing one’s homework in relation to our tasks, the modern methodology of “Working Smart instead of Just Hard”, and enjoying the journey towards success.

We emphasised on the lessons carried in the award-winning book “Secret”, which says “Dream-Trust-Feel” the aspirations that you harbour and they shall come true. With live examples and stories about changes in perspective, the students were explained about the rationale behind choosing their battles wisely, and always accounting for the Impact-Outcome-Profit angle while analysing things in life.

Scholar’s Day @ VIT Engineering College, Mumbai

In the wake of the popularity of the above address and its relevance to students, we also addressed parents, students and teachers on the Annual Day. The talk was not pertinent to a specific topic, but rather aimed at the academic mindset of the stakeholders of our education system.

Success is measured by whether we achieve our professional goals, and the beauty of the journey is often missed. We spoke about the need to revisit our history in order to learn many life lessons relevant to current times.

The highlight of the talk was the difference between Teacher, Mentor and a Guru.

As stated in our scriptures, a teacher is the one who educates others by sharing his knowledge. He imparts the same knowledge impartially to his listeners and educates the masses.

A mentor, on the other hand is a situational life coach. We may have many mentors who have mentored through their experiences, advice and grooming lessons. They might have guided us by showing the direction towards solving problem or hand-held our way through difficult situations. We may have many mentors who have guided us in various aspects of life.

Now, a Guru is the grand one. Why did we have gurus in our “puranaas”, and they are not around anymore? That is because a Guru sees each of his students at an individual level. He knows that everyone is brilliant in something or the other; it is this innate skill that needs to be groomed and polished to perfection. A Guru is a teacher and mentor to each of his pupils in a different way.

Hence, a true teacher is that Guru in your life who has helped you bring out the best of your skills and built up your confidence enough to steer towards excellence. He is the reason you are so good at what you are doing best in your life at the moment.

Respect the Guru in your Life. And try to be a Guru to someone whose life you can enrich.

A parallel was drawn from the times of Mahatma Jyotiba Phule who advocated women education, to latest author Chetan Bhagat who brought to light that educated women today prefer overtly educated, English speaking partners essentially for their suave and sophisticated disposition. In its own subtle way, we tried to shed some light over how elite degrees are still seen as benchmarks of success and greatness.

We tried to add a twist to the concept of ragging in colleges by converting it into a pro-student concept. Just like ragging in its purest form was intended to help freshmen students overcome their fears and anxieties by befriending them with seniors, the new concept talks about making a buddy in college and guiding him through the journey of learning and beyond. This would foster a feeling of belongingness and confidence in the minds of the students, which can go a long way in building successful relationships further.

Scholarship @ Wagle High School, Goa

Even before “Pankaj Foundation” was formed to guide youngsters realise their innate potential, the task of living up to our vision started way back on 24th September, 2008.

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What’s in the Pipeline

  • Pankaj Foundation works in close connect with counsellors and educators as well as youngsters to enable them shape their outlook to living life.
  • Our plan consists of organising workshops and motivational talks with groups of children, teachers and parents at societies or learning groups, helping the students define their own success and pursue it without the fear of failure.
  • Sharing impactful stories of successful people whose journey began with failures..... and fearlessness.