An Attitude called Sachin!

- By Amita Kamat

The nation is euphoric with Sachin-mania. And justifiably so! The man is a Legend, a Stalwart, an icon.... whatever superlative you choose, they all seem diminished in effect when it comes to Sachin. Sachin is simply Sachiinnn!

So, what makes him the great man that he is? Does he eat anything different? Does he breathe any different? Well, considering his middle-class Marathi upbringing and a childhood spend literally chasing dreams at the cricket maidaans of Mumbai, what makes him any different from the hundreds and thousands of cricket aspirers?

Here is my view of why success had no choice with Sachin.

Sachin knew exactly

What he wanted in life at an age that is spent mostly before the TV set watching action flicks, playing computer games or discussing the latest tablet App(in today’s world). Being cognisant of one’s truest, deepest aspiration is a huge step towards maturity, something every parent must help their child in discovering right from the formative years of childhood.

How? Exposure in today’s time is unlimited. Give them the exposure and freedom to do it all. No dream is good or bad. My 4 year old daughter’s dream is to be a tattoo artist! I encourage her whole-heartedly.... with the paints, brushes, and my hands (both ones on both sides) to practise her trade. I know, along the way she will learn what it takes to build and capitalise on a dream, if nothing else!


The most difficult part of achieving a dream is to keep the focus on. Can you imagine what would happen if pilots, mountaineers or the military men lost their focus from their jobs? Irrespective of your profession, it is only focus that takes you to your destination.

Sachin reminisced his father permitting him to chase his (non-academic) dreams, but with a strong message about not taking any shortcuts in life or not giving up in the face of failure. The key lied in staying focussed on the goal in the end.

As much as Sachin achieved his goal, his parents played a very strong role in his success story. Beginning with letting him walk the lesser taken path, then taking his dream as seriously themselves in order to live it alongside him, and finally letting him chase it without pulling any stops. Not every father (who wants to talk proudly about his son’s laurels) or every mother (who wants to feed healthy food and watch every moment of her child’s life before her eyes) can do it without feeling the pangs of sacrifice.


Is a part of the game. While unabashedly chasing your dreams, be ready for the sacrifices you’ll need to make. Missing out important family events, missing out fun outings, missing out rest and relaxation, missing out a few years of life itself! As a chaser, you’ve got to build up the positivity in you. As a support system, your family needs to make up for the lost moments by knowing what is stored in the end and what it is all about, finally!

Sachin’s family surely missed him around.... I mean, he’s suddenly going to be seeing his kids as grown-ups and not kids!! Where did the years go? Well, for Sachin as a father, it was those very years when he set a couple of records and surpassed a couple of milestones!


Never give up on those, because ultimately they take you places by virtue of their spreading deep into the ground.

Sachin never gave media bytes that sounded sleazy or took the sportsmanship out of him. This “We vs. I” attitude defined Sachin’s speeches anywhere in the world. His curt nods at the spectators along the boundary line, his smiling disposition with team-mates of or off his side of the game, and unfailing respect for the game itself speaks volumes about his upbringing.

No cricketer has drawn the kind of applause he did when he walked on the field to bat for the last time. The so-called neutral men- the umpires too, alongwith every member of both the playing teams gave him a guard of honour. Few can earn that kind of respect, without really demanding it in any way!

If any spectator on his retirement day didn’t shed tears listening to his speech, his last gesture of paying a tribute to those 22 yards surely undid it. His body language was of reverence and respect, certainly not arrogance, given that the whole of India was frozen for that hour when Sachin pulled up his boots on the field.

All this and more defined the master of cricket. His parting speech made all the people in his life into heroes, and he himself a mere beneficiary of their benevolence. Obviously, we all know who was really behind those master strokes crushing one record after another.

So, did any one recollect that SRT never did graduate out of college, or for that matter score extraordinarily in any tests (pun intended)! Were any of the academically excellent excluded from being washed away by this wave of Sachinism?

Just goes to prove that if your dream is ingrained inside every fibre of your being and your focus stays immovable, success has no choice but to favour you. As elements of a support system, we too can teach these life lessons to someone we know is struggling with books, exams and numbers. We too can be the Tendulkars from Mumbai who showed their budding sports-child a way to follow his dreams, and we too can be those blessed parents when we see our child becomes successful on his own terms.

After all, true success comes from being able to do what you really want to do in life!